Menu Eating Out Photo Credit: Donna Lupton

Dining options in Accra continue to expand. There are many excellent restaurants featuring diverse cuisines, from Lebanese to Chinese, Ghanaian to Irish.

The listings in this section are not exhaustive but a good beginning. Many of these restaurants have been in existence for many years and have excellent reputations.

It is always wise to confirm that a specific eatery is still in operation as things do change rapidly here.


For some of the more popular restaurants it is recommended to make reservations.

Service charges are sometimes included in the bill, but very little of that money actually goes to the server. Most people tip somewhere between 5 and 10% in addition to the service charge. Tipping the car park attendants at the restaurant is also a usual practice, although not required. As was stated in the Money Matters section, few restaurants accept credit cards and caution should be used at those that do. Food related health issues have been described in a separate section.

Bottled water, however, is always a safer bet than tap water. If you’re really nervous about food concerns, don’t eat the vegetable garnish on your plate and stay away from salads, raw vegetables, ice cubes and ice cream.

Enjoy and bon appétit!