Tips on Pets - Pet Health

Even with the greatest care, it is difficult to prevent parasites from infesting your pet in such a warm climate. You may find that Ghanaian remedies, available through your local veterinarian, will be more effective than imported ones as they are developed for Ghanaian parasites.

Tick fever is a problem in Ghana, and checking your animals daily for ticks is a good idea. You can find anti-tick and anti-mite products available locally.

Also, it is essential to de-worm your pet at least every three months. Contact a vet for a suitable regime for your pet. Be very careful to keep your pets (to say nothing of small children) away from poisons, and keep them indoors if you have your grounds sprayed; the insecticides used here are quite capable of killing small animals.

Rabies inoculation is strongly recommended yearly and can be done by any veterinary surgeon. Feline vaccines other than rabies are not readily available in Accra.

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