Children Photo Credit: Donna LuptonAccra is a wonderful place for families with children. Ghanaians love children and welcome them with warmth and friendliness everywhere.

This section was created for parents with children in Accra to make life easier for shopping as well as entertaining the little ones. The best source for this information is, as always, other parents but NoWorries is here to start you off.


There is a good selection of international schools in Accra including British, American, German and French schools, plus others offering a Montessori system. Sometimes the top schools have waiting lists; therefore it is best to contact schools well in advance of the child's desired admission date. (See the Education section).

All the hair salons listed under Services category under Barber or Beauty Salons provide haircuts for children. Most handle walk-ins, but appointments are sometimes appreciated. Kidz Cottage is a fun kids hair salon. Some other children-friendly salons are Al Ronny's, Janet's Beauty Salon, New World Haircuts to name a few. (See Services for details).

For a list of paediatricians, dentists and other specialists see Health Section.

After-school activities are very popular from ballet, swimming, and soccer to Tae Kwon Do.

During the summer months, many of the international schools offer summer camps to keep kids busy.

If you are looking for a good weekend day trip the whole family can enjoy, see the Weekend Outings section in Ghana 101 for some great suggestions!

Many of the lessons and classes listed here are fully detailed under the Sports and Leisure category, but the activities mentioned here are either strictly for kids and/or are very children-friendly.

Please note though, if you can't find specific activities for your children, organise it yourself; people will be very responsive.

During the summer months, programs can often be found organized through the various international schools in Accra, including Lincoln School and others. Also some sports instructors and clubs like Lizzy Sports Complex and Pippas. Contact the schools/clubs directly for more details.